PatternBreak is a Creative Consultancy that brings mindfulness into the workplace.  Our programs work to get people, teams and companies centered.  What is being centered? It is the ability to maintain a default state of tranquility, calm and happiness. Work is always going to be stressful, but PatternBreak gives you the tools to deal with stress so that you’re still making the best decisions when those moments arise.  We will introduce you to a practice of meditation and mindfulness exercises that you can rely on long after we’re gone.  Happy people make better things, so a big part of our mission is to give people and businesses the tools they need to build  & maintain a great culture.  We are at once a product and a service, offering both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions for our clients and customers.  Click around in our PB Pro section to view some of our pre-packaged talks and workshops.  Follow us on social media for our open source PatternBreak lifehacks.  Try them out.  

We are Creatives.  We can help you discover new and improved processes, strategies and ways to present your brand or product to the world, from the ground up, or with your creative department or agency.

We believe that small tweaks can have big effects for a positive change.  Every decision you make leads to a whole new pathway of possibilities. As adults we tend to get set in our ways of doing things, and often unbeknownst to us, we develop patterns of reaction and behavior.  Our system isn’t about upending our normal way of doing things, just tweaking them a bit. We call these small tweaks PatternBreaks. You can think of them as tiny adventures. They take little or no planning but may require a degree of bravery, discipline, and commitment to execute. We can apply these kinds of small tweaks to our lives, businesses, careers, families, creative endeavors… to anything!

Does your business feel centered?